Faith No More Complaints

By Dr Thorn - Posted on 26 December 2009

Faith No More

I'm in a serious and furious mood... I see Faith no More, which is to me one of the best band of the 90's, I say I see Faith no More, reunited, playing in front of thousands of people this past year 2009, touring all around Europe (35 dates, I counted!), Israel, South America, and even Australia this coming February 2010, and, and, are they planning to play in their own country?!? Naaaah!!! Not even one gig scheduled yet!!! Come on guys? How is this possible?

Well, I don't really care that you tour all the US, just come and play in your nation's capital, Washington DC, and I'll be perfectly happy with that.

I couldn't resist adding some cool videos to this post. See what we're missing !

Here for a before and after comparison:

And a nice video clip that I always enjoy watching.

could you please add some more Faith No More Videos, I don't believe you have enough yet.
Maybe if you can send them your blog that will cease their boycott of the USA or more specifically DC.

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